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When you get signed up on Endevr, we ask a few simple questions that help us understand your career goals. This ultimately sets the vision for your career track and the skills you must acquire. This can always be modified as your grow.


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Our proprietary matching algorithms curate a path of various educational resources that includes free micro-learning, courses/certifications, experiential learning, as well as recommended networks to join.


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Through our platforms guidance, we help you gain the necessary skills to accelerate your career journey and overall impact in the workforce. Our users receive new job offers, promotions, salary raises, and even start their own company.


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Join diverse online communities within Endevr that are focused on different career-related topics. Our communities offer secure communication and a safe space to share your career progress while learning from like-minded professionals.

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How do I create a profile?

Navigate to the header and select “Sign Up”. From there, you will complete the free registration and our system will ask you for the needed profile information. It only takes a couple of minutes to get started.

How do I enroll in a listing?

We allow users to pre-enroll in a variety of eLearning listings directly on Endevr which allows users to track their engagements. The final transaction and curriculum is hosted in the respective education providers’ system.

How does the matching algorithm work?

Endevr has designed an algorithm to match users to all available opportunities suited for a specific career track or goals. The matching takes into account industries, interests, as well as skills. You can soon expect an AI-driven matching tool in 2021.

How long until I hear back from the contact us submission or emails to [email protected]?

The Endevr team will answer email requests and questions within 24 hours of submission. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out; we’re here to help!

Will there be an Endevr mobile app?

Absolutely! The Endevr iOS and Android Applications are in the roadmap for 2021-2022. Sign up for updates on our newsletter!

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