We are Endevr

Originally produced from the mind of a student, Endevr is a platform built by emerging professionals for emerging professionals. We focus on the rapid growth of technology adoption, providing a diverse and inclusive ecosystem that is democratizing opportunities in tech.

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  • Our Mission

    Endevr exists to provide equitable opportunities for learning, growth, and contribution amongst all emerging professionals.

  • Our Vision

    Endevr will become the forefront tool utilized by online educators, emerging professionals, and tech organizations in order to efficiently network and fulfill career development needs.

Core Focus 🎯


Bridging opportunities for growth amongst diverse emerging demographics.


Connecting emerging professionals in tech with the best online education.

Delivering endless value to Emerging Professionals.


Endevr launched in late 2020 in light of needs accelerated by the pandemic. From beta in the K12 and Higher Education sector, the team decided to expand the platform to serve all emerging professionals. We recognized the need for qualified emerging talent and leaders in tech, the growth of remote opportunities, and a world that needs diversity and inclusion.


We launched our web-based 2.0 in February ’21, with plans to roll out mobile applications by EOY. Launched and expanding in South Florida, our team anticipates growth in other cities such as Austin and Nashville.

Our Core Values

  • Inclusion of Diversity

    Our founding members and the growing team have been raised on the foundation of strong diversification. We take it one step farther, ensuring everyone experiences the inclusion of their diversity. No person left out or behind.

  • Constant Innovation

    What would growth be without constant innovation? As a team of visionaries and solutionaries, we bleed innovation on a daily basis, ensuring you’re delivered above-and-beyond expected value. We find the best ways to meet your needs.

  • Hungry for Growth

    It’s right within our mission statement. We are a company that strives to create massive growth for all users and supporters, along with every Endevr partner. We wake up with a craving for more, and deliver growth day-in and day-out.

  • Win or Learn

    There is no true failure until one “givhes uhp.” See, we can’t even spell that the correct way because we don’t know what that is. Our team strives to win or we simply learn from our mistakes in every opportunity possible, all with the motive of delivering you the “W”.

  • Environmentally Conscious

    With our HQ located in sunny Southwest Florida, we live the life of sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Our team prides itself on carrying out that culture amongst all Endevr members as we are conscious of our daily lifestyles and the impact we have on the environment.

What Make Us Unique from Others 😎


Providing expert guidance and partaking in the future of technology.


Bridging the best online educational programs and employment opportunities curated to you.


Going above and beyond to create an equitable tech ecosystem with extraordinary user support.

Enthusiastic individuals working for An extraordinary brand.

Yasmina Geagea

Senior Product Manager

Deva Naicker

Project Manager

Gaurang Patel

Lead Developer

Braden Bullock

UI/UX Intern

Connor Firmender

Founder and CEO

Jim Van Riper

Product Advisor

Sarah Owen

Social Impact Advisor