We are Endevr

Originally produced from the mind of a student, Endevr is a platform built by emerging professionals for emerging professionals. We focus on the rapid growth of technology adoption, providing a diverse and inclusive ecosystem that is democratizing opportunities in tech.

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  • Our Mission

    Endevr exists to provide equitable learning opportunities.

  • Our Vision

    A forefront tool utilized by online educators, emerging professionals, and tech organizations to efficiently network and fulfill career development needs.

Delivering endless value to Emerging Professionals.


We relaunched in a public beta in March and have since grown to hundreds of active users, like you! Our team also grew as we added a couple expert advisors to our board as well as more brains behind the cofounding and product teams. On the partnerhsip front, we’ve had the pleasure of working with companies like Linux Foundation, Florida Department of Education, EC Council, and more as we continue to bring the top quality online learning resources to our users. You can expect version 2.3 launching at the beginning of 2022 with a premium option, and we’re also hiring (so tell ya friends!).


Endevr launched in late 2020 in light of needs accelerated by the pandemic. From beta in the K12 and Higher Education sector, the team decided to expand the platform to serve all emerging professionals. We recognized the need for qualified emerging talent and leaders in tech, the growth of remote opportunities, and a world that needs diversity and inclusion.

Our Core Values

  • Inclusion of Diversity

    Our founding members and the growing team have been raised on the foundation of strong diversification. We take it one step farther, ensuring everyone experiences the inclusion of their diversity. No person left out or behind.

  • Hungry for Growth

    It’s right within our mission statement. We are a company that strives to create massive growth for all users and supporters, along with every Endevr partner. We wake up with a craving for more, and deliver growth day-in and day-out.

  • Celebrate Change

    We can’t innovate if we’re not constantly optimizing for the greatest user experience and overall company success. Whether it be alternative approaches, new tools, or trialing by fire, our team thrives through a change in internal and external factors.

What Make Us Unique from Others 😎


Helping you reach your greatest potential.


Simplifying your challenges to build confidence.


Getting you the skills and networks needed.

Enthusiastic individuals working for An extraordinary brand.

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Yasmina Geagea

Product Manager

Gaurang Patel

Lead Developer

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