We’re officially one week into our public beta launch and you have made it one special one to say the least, speaking to all you supporters, users, customers, friends, partners, colleagues, and many more.

This has been a team effort from the start and I have faith in our team through the finish line (even though there really is not such a thing as that in entrepreneurship).

Speaking of “starts,” I think that’s something for us to take a second to acknowledge before diving into these numbers and what it all means.

Endevr was conceived from a former startup our Founder, Connor, had been working on for almost two years.

From 2019 through October of 2020, Connor and his team were trying to solve this gap in our workforce through a different approach than Endevr. Simply put, it’s been roughly 1.5 years of r&d, iteration, hiring/firing, pivots, and a pandemic leading up to this moment.

So no matter how high or low these following numbers are, to say our team has been through a storm and Endevr remains standing is quite fulfilling as entrepreneurs.

Nonetheless, as I already mentioned there is no true “finish line” in this…so yes we may be wrapping up coStarting and are taking a breath from the bullet train, but we remain hungry and we remain focused.

Here are a few updates after a week of launch…

18 upvotes on ProductHunt (PH).
4 five-star reviews on PH.
11 comments on PH.

10 YouTube views on our explainer video.

151 eLearning resources and opportunities listed.
25 Organizations posting content.
30 Professionals registered.

312 monthly views on Pinterest.
321 collective followers on core social media.
11 business page likes on Facebook.

616 active users (registered and non-registered).
3/3 user support tickets resolved within 24 hours.
75% Desktop.
25% Mobile.

Countries in sequence of engagement…
United States

From a successful launch on ProductHunt to the engagement on social media and our newsletter to the resolved user support tickets, quite a lot has occurred in the last week or so. Stay up to date on Endevr by subscribing to our newsletter and reading our biweekly blogs.

When you get registered on Endevr, visit your Direct Messages to view the Announcements sent directly from our Founder/CEO. All bug tracking and system support updates are shared exclusively in direct messages and our Founder always responds to inbound messages.

What’s next? In the coming week, Endevr will be participating on the FutureMakers Regional Team Meeting, a webinar titled “Road to Exit” hosted by Endeavor Miami (hmm, should we rebrand???), and be on the lookout for more news regarding a new team member joining Endevr in the coming months.

In the meantime, learn more by visiting and get registered to chat with our Founder!