Hello and welcome to Endevr!

Connor here, our Founder/CEO. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here on our website.

You might have noticed, but we really like the color green. That, and we have a passion for serving emerging professionals in their career development.

I’m kicking this blog off a little differently than normal. Why? Because I have a good feeling we’ll be seeing some new faces around here this week, and [hopefully] in the coming weeks.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re launching our public beta this week!

Before I explain a little bit more in detail, allow me to clarify something for any familiar faces reading this blog.

We released our private beta on March 24th and I wrote a short blog on the concept–frankly, the reality–of launching. So my clarity is that we did in fact launch on March 24th … and we’re now launching again!

You see, launching repeatedly is pretty normal for startups, just ask Y Combinator Partner Kay Manalac. In our case, we launched our private beta for a couple of weeks which allowed myself and our development team to squash a handful of inevitable bugs.

With over 20 users already, we’re aiming for 100 by April 14th. Hopefully our launch on Product Hunt will help us get there! Speaking of, check us out on Product Hunt and give us an upvote! Once you give us an upvote, drop a comment on the post and I’ll respond!

So as I was saying, March 24th = private beta … April 7th-ish = public beta release.

The two weeks in between was spent combing through the system for bugs, breaks, iterating through a/b tests, and collecting LOTS of initial user feedback.

I think Y Combinator and coStarting will be proud to know we’re following the top two pillars when launching: 1) Talk to users and 2) Write code

Now as a nontechnical founder, the second pillar has been a learning curve. Over the past couple of years I’ve been able to pick up some HTML and CSS, communicate very effectively with our full dev team from backend engineer to our UI/UX designers, so I say nontechnical in the sense that I do not handle our programming directly.

We have our wonderful team that comprises Deva our Project Manager, Gaurang our Lead Dev, Rahul our Sr. Dev, Sumit our Front-End Dev, and Jay our UI/UX Designer. Also batting high on the roster are our advisors, Jim Van Riper our Product Advisor and Anthony Dagati our Partner/Capital Advisor.

Pretty dope team, right?

Before I sign off, I want to share a quick lesson learned this past week.

I spent about eight hours on Thursday last week putting together a pretty sh*tty explainer video, and then another couple hours on Friday .. nearly 10 total hours.

I’m someone who firmly believes in the concept of doing things that don’t scale and doing things yourself to save money as a startup founder. But what makes me even more effective is the concept of delegating.

After spending 10 hours putting together a super sh*tty explainer video, I came to my senses and allocated a small budget to a Fivver freelancer who designed the most badass explainer video to our exact liking.

Within budget.
High-quality design.
Amazing voiceover artist.

I was then able to refocus my Friday through Monday on real priorities–needle-movers.

So long story short, there is a fine line between doing things that don’t scale yourself to save money as a startup, or delegating to achieve a higher quality and effectiveness. I discovered the importance of the latter in my lesson this past week … and frankly, a lesson I’ve learned a few times now.

Nonetheless, the time/effort I put into it did not go unvalued, as we used the script and storyline in the explainer video regardless of scrapping my B-rated stock video footage I found in Canva.

I promise, before you head out from our website, you’ve just got to watch our explainer video … at least hear the artist voiceover … I mean, c’mon it’s awesome.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or would like to just chat!

For the next few months I’ll be opening my calendar to tutorial sessions for users to chat with me for 10 minutes while exploring your Endevr account live online with me. Book it here!

Thank you for reading and have an outstanding week ahead.

Oh, and don’t forget to #JoinEndevr 😉

Connor and the team