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Get Matched with Opportunities 🌟

The opportunity dashboard is where all listings live, from your online courses to apprenticeships to full-time jobs, and much more. On this dashboard, you can filter by location, industry, and type of opportunity, as well as search by keyword. Be on the lookout for matched opportunities with badges displayed.

Real-Time Enrollment Tracking 🕒

Any time you come across a listing that interests you or is matched to you, use our application feature to submit your information directly. The application is easy to use and offers you the chance to link a resume, portfolio, and create a cover letter. Once submitted, track its progress of being reviewed/accepted/denied in real-time.

Direct Messaging 💬

Leverage our proprietary messaging feature to effectively communicate with employers and education programs either locally or remotely. In our chat feature, you can use Emojis and attach multiple documents for easy file sharing. Leverage this feature to stay active while working remotely.

Track Career Development 🌿

Throughout your career growth, you’ll want to track and measure progress! Endevr allows you to track hours worked, courses completed, goals achieved, and more with our analytics tool. You can also share your growth and experience with other leaders in tech on our main networking feed.

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Features Include

  • Email Support
  • Custom Career Preferences
  • Personalized Learning Path
  • Navigation Filters
  • Search by Keyword
  • Opportunity Matching
  • Direct Messaging
  • Enrollment Tracking

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