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Aaaand finally, we’re here! March 2021. The end of Q1. What is so special about this month?

Endevr. is. launching!!! But not quite. We’re still a week or so away, although our morale certainly exemplifies otherwise.

Six long months in development.

Pivots, iterations, new staff, accelerators and incubators, oh and a recovering economy.

A lot has poured into these last six months and our team could not be more excited to release our first product to our beta users.

“What does Endevr do?” Matches recent grads to online education in tech.

“Tell me more” … Endevr is a socially-interactive online marketplace matching emerging professionals with the best-suited online education in tech. Users can grow their professional network, save on time/money, and elevate career skills.

But before we delve any further into what is to come, we want to express thanks to Sven Hermann of coStarting — a newly launched incubator who was awesome enough to include us in their third cohort [last-minute]. We’re one week into it and already found value from Sven, the other founders in our cohort, and an overall sense of direction it is giving us as we roll out the platform.

In the previous week, we’ve experienced a few key successes, challenges, and have some “asks” for the community.

Joined coStarting Incubator cohort three
Applied to Y Combinator (after being in the final 10% of applicants in the last batch)
Secured verbal commitment from a beta customer
Finalized server set up
Progress on mockups for next set of functionality
Secured date/venue for Hackaton, and landed sponsors
Our LinkedIn post was in the top 1% of LinkedIn engagement on the day of its posting
Finalized site visual modifications and hyperlinks/navigation
Prepped database with content for immediate activity upon launch

Launching much later than anticipated
Still in search of the right technical co-founder/CTO to hire
Dev team has time zone different

Our Asks
Share any posts you see on social media — especially LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter
Upvote us on Hacker News and Product Hunt
Emerging professionals (e.g. recent grads or career-changers) — register for our beta for free
Education providers(e.g. course/certification providers) – register for our beta for free
To full-stack developers with 3+ years of experience in our domain/industry, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or funny stories please feel free to reach out to [email protected]

My line is always open! We’re a startup built on relationships and networks — we’re to help you grow yours, and so much more.

Join us in our endevr as we close the gap in our country’s workforce.