Let’s face it, traditional education has plateaued and no longer prepares emerging professionals at the level our workforce needs.

So where are emerging professionals turning to?

Well, it’s no secret that online education has earned its way into the new norms of career development, especially for our nontechnical friends who now have no choice but to expand their skills.

Yet this rapid adoption of tech across all industries has created a lack of diversity and inclusion, expanding the already-concerning workforce gap.

And the current solutions just aren’t cutting it.

Aren’t you tired of relying on Google searches and ads to find online education? Feeling lost in the sea of LinkedIn?

Even platforms like Coursera and Udacity can leave you unsure. You’re always left with questions like: Where do I start? Which is the most credible? How do I know what’s best for me?

Worry no more, because Endevr is the most reliable way to get matched with the best-suited online education in technology. It’s the trusted choice by emerging professionals like undergrads, recent grads, and those who are changing their career to anything tech-related.

Elevate your career with quality e-learning opportunities, network and learn from like-minded go-getters, and save time from surfing the web.

Endevr’s secure technology is here to close the workforce gap, providing a socially-interactive space for diversity and plenty of inclusion.

Endevr curates high-quality, cost-effective e-learning from providers such as Coursera, edX, LinkedInLearning, and LearnRobotics. Users can explore various opportunities such as certifications, projects, skill tracks, and more, all of which are remote-compatible.

Head over to our registration page and get started within minutes. Over 150+ eLearning resources are awaiting your endeavors, from design to FinTech to no-code to Machine Learning Literacy.

So gain confidence in your career, all for free.

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